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Ceiling Fan Features
The process of shopping for ceiling fans can be a daunting and overwelming process. There are a lot of ceiling fans out there and also a large number of options that are available for each ceiling fan. Clearly, before you begin the process, it makes sense to have a good idea of what you want to use the ceiling fan for and the type of features that may be important to you. this article is designed to provide a few basic features taht you may want to think about before you purchase you ceiling fan.

Style and Design
The style and the design of the fan can is often one of the most important decision in purchasing a fan. Knowing the colors of the fan and what type of look you want are generally the firsdt steps in this process. Fans can be made out of many different types of materials and textures. Each of these will have an effect on what the fan will look like. Moreover, the blades may be made out of a differnt material than the center of the fan itself Often the blades can be made out of different material based on the consumer's choice and requirements. You should also know what size fan you are looking for as many fans have blades that are different sizes than others. this is important for how the fan fits into the room.

Motor Power
Another key dimension to look at when puchasing a fan is motor power. Motors can often be measured in watts and often indicate how powerful the motor is. The speed of the motor, along with the rest of the design, can have an impact on how the fan operates and the noise it emits. Quieter fans are generally more desireable, however, quiet fans do tend to cost a good deal more. The motor power also influences how quickly the air will circulate and the amount of cooling that you will get from the fan during summer months.

A fan needs to be reliable. Some fan brands are more reliable than others - you should take a look at the repair record for a particular fan before you purchase it. The most important feature here is the motor as that is often the most difficult item to replace. Moreover, the availability of spare parts should also be a factor. Another area that sometimes needs to be replaced are the blades, particularly if someone throws something at the blades. The blades should be pretty durable.

Remote Control
Another feature that is nice on ceiling fans and is almost a requirement these days is a remote control system. This allows a user to turn the fan on and off, adjust the speed, and control the fan's operations remotely. This can be done either from a wall unit or from a remote controlled hand-held unit The remote unit can also have a large number of speed adjustment options as well. This is particularly helpful to adjust the circulation provided by the ceiling fan.

Speed Adjustments
With ceiling fans, the power (along with other factors) will determine the speed at which the fan is able to rotate. you should also check to make sure that the fan has variable speed as sometime you will want the fan to rotate quickly ans other times you will want it to rotate slowly.

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