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Ceiling Fan Accessories Add On
Now that you have installed your new ceiling fan, you need to consider the many accessories that will make the ceiling fan complete. You will discover that you have a multitude of options to include down rods, which need to be the same diameter and should match the ends of the poles in finish, replacement blades that are also available if your blades are warped or broken, and much more.

Additionally, if over time you want to change the appearance of your ceiling fan, you can switch out the blades for something sleeker and change the look of your room to a more modern appearance. Another consideration would be if you live in a humid or wet climate. In this case, you can actually purchase special blades that can withstand harsher climates. Another accessory is the fan filter, which is used for raising the fan up closer to the ceiling. Just be sure you know the brand your fan uses since each manufacturer has its own individual pattern.

There are also wall controls, remote control, and light dimmers. These accessories are inexpensive and easy to find. When it comes to wall switches, there are numerous models from which to choose. For example, a two-fan control will work with almost any fan, operates a four-speed fan, and is a bargain at $26.50. You will find that wall switches are rated at various amps. This is important because if you try to operate your fan using the wrong switch, you could cause damage to the fan.

Light dimmers are another accessory that comes in numerous varieties. As an example, you might find a light dimmer that requires two wires, has a fan receiver, works only with a three-speed fan, and is inexpensive. If you are not sure what you need, you can get assistance at your local hardware or home improvement store. Be sure to provide the make and model of your fan and the number of fan speeds. Several good choices for a fan and light control are model SW90, SW93, and SW95, all which cost no more than $25. Models PD-002IV, PD-002WH, PD-003IV, and PD-003WH are also good choices. These fan controls generally work with three-speed fans, have different light levels, comes in colors of ivory or white, and is compatible with most fans.

Another excellent method of changing the appearance of your fan is to change the shades. You can find anything from sophisticated, European, contemporary, fun, themed, and everything in between. The model KITK4X-200f is a beautiful frosted leaf shade that has an output of 240 watts. Another nice model is KITK4X-2520, which is a soft, white milk glass that also has an output of 240 watts. If the look of frosted marbles is something you like, model KITK4X-2549 is the ideal choice. When you want to enhance your fan's appearance or change it completely, look at the various options you for accessorizing your ceiling fan.

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