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Ceiling Fan Shades
If at any time you want to change the appearance of your ceiling fan, you can do so without investing a large sum of money. The simplest and least expensive method is to change out the shades. For years, your choice was a tulip shade regardless of the style of ceiling fan. That has now changed and when it comes to shades, you will discover a huge selection from which to choose.

For starters, a few popular choices for the more sophisticated ceiling fan is model KIT507-088, which has a nice sand texture and can support 300 watts. This shade enhances just about any room in your house by blending in with the neutral tones. Another elegant model is KITK4X-200f. This ceiling fan shade features a beautiful frosted leaf design that has an elegant, yet simplistic look. Model KITK4X-2549 also adds a rich look of sophistication. This particular shade is frosted marble that looks stunning when coupled with polished brass. Additionally, the shade can handle a 240-watt output.

If your preference leans more toward country chic, you too will find numerous choices that would be perfect. Model KITK4X-2520 is a nice chic white milk glass shade that has a 240-watt output. The frosted leaf shade is listed under model KITK3X-200f, which features a 180-watt output. Yet another great option is model KITK4X-004. The clear halo design will enhance your home and fill the room with old-fashioned country charm.

Some people prefer the industrial look, which is often the décor of choice in loft apartments or new age home. Model TRK4-REG will be perfect for this type of setting. The shade is constructed from metal and has an output of 240 watts. If you want to bring a little warm color to your contemporary home, model KITF465-G965 is a beautiful yellow amber shade that provides just the right touch of color. When the light is turned on, you will enjoy a soft glow.

Instead of getting rid of the fan, simply change out the shades for an entirely different look. Regardless of your style, you will find some unique options. Ceiling fans provide tremendous benefit during cool and hot weather. Now imagine eating a romantic dinner with a soft glow from your ceiling fan, setting the mood. Ceiling fan shades are also priced exceptionally low. Experiment with different options by mixing and matching and create your own look.

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