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Ceiling Fan Accessories
This article is designed to provide an overview of three of the main ceiling fan acessories. Each of these accesories is important when a person is considering ordering a ceiling fan. The three main accessories are the ceiling fan lighting, the ceiling fan controls, and the ceiling fan mounting. The following three sections explain each of these items in more detail.

Ceiling Fan Lighting
One of the key elements with a ceiling fan is the ceiling fan lighting. Ceiling fan lights are usually lights that are mounted on the bottom of the ceiling fan for either function, decoration, or both. There can be one light or a set of lights arranged to provide the right affect for a room. There are a couple of different types of lights that can be used on ceiling fans. these lights range from the Chandelier type, the aurora, the spotlight, and the subtle lights. These diffent lighting styles will be explained in another article. The lights can be composed of lead, crystal, glass, or even plastic depending on the room's style.

Ceiling Fan Controls
Another important element of purchasing a ceiling fan are the ceiling fan controls. There are typically several different kinds of controls for ceiling fans; single switch, and dual purpose control, and remote control. Prior to installing a ceiling fan, most rooms have a single switch control on the lighting. This means that you can turn the light off and on. If you add a ceiling fan to single switch control, the fan will operate in much the same manner. If you install a dual prupose control, the fan and the lighting can be controlled from a wall unit. Remote controls allow a user to control the fan from a short distance rather than having to access a wall switch. These remote controls often contain other control features.

The mounting of a ceiling fan can be somewhat tricky. The mounting material should match the ceiling style and fan type. Moreover, the type of mounting used will depend on the type of ceiling. If the ceiling is a standard flat ceiling, it should be pretty easy to mount. However, other types of ceilings are slanted or vaulted. these types of ceilings often require special mounting features to enable them to stay in place.

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