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Ceiling Fan Controls
Ceiling fans as we once knew them have drastically changed over the years. For one, you can now enjoy different controls for the fan, each with their own special feature. If you want your ceiling fan to match your room's décor down to the last detail, you can. For example, the W-4011 is a control that offers four speeds. The knob comes in your choice of almond or white and the fan control has a nice faceplate. This switch fits nicely in a standard wall plate and provides control for one fan.

Another option is the W-80, which is also a four-speed control. However, this particular control also offers light dimming. You will receive a unique plate, your choice of ivory or white knobs, and the control over both a ceiling fan and light fixture. For this ceiling fan control, the switch cannot be added to a row consisting of other switches. Additionally, this control cannot be adapted to a three-way circuit. For this switch to be used, you will need to have two hot-wires that go from the switch to the fan.

Another terrific option is the W-24A, designed for a four-speed fan and available only in almond. This switch has a single gang decora-style plate, and a double gang or triple gang box are also available. Although this fan switch is not for use on a three-way circuit, the stylish look is great for any room. For this fan to operate, one hot wire will need to run from the switch to the fan.

If you have a three-speed fan, the SR100 remote control is a great choice. This control offers a full range light dimmer with built in memory. You will be provided with a one-year warranty and this remote control is available only on white. The SW101 model is another remote control that is mounted to the wall. This ceiling fan control is designed for a three-speed fan only. The remote uses a Two Wire System for both the fan and light. Additionally, this particular remote is perfect for fans that hang from a short pipe.

The model SW46W remote control is designed for four-speed ceiling fans. This model of ceiling fan control works well with Emerson fans but may also be used for other types of fans as long as the fan does not consume more than 1.2 amps while operating on the highest speed. You can choose from either white or ivory. Another great option for a four-speed fan is model SW93. This control is only for a three-speed fan but has the ability to control two fans. You can choose a knob color of white or ivory as well. The control does not include a faceplate and has a 3-amp maximum rating. Although this controller works best with Emerson fans, other fans are fine as long as they do not consume more than three amps of electricity while being operated on high speed.

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