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When you are purchasing a ceiling fans or set of ceiling fans, one thing to remember is that ceiling fans can be customized in almost any way that you want them. Many times ceiling fans can be virtually made to order. Important customization features that can be added to most ceiling fans include but are not limited to fan blades, fan surface finishing and color, fixtures on the bottom of the fans, and remote control features. This article is designed to look at several of these items that can be customized.

The first thing that most people seek to customize is the fan blades since the motion of the blades tends to capture a person's eye. There are monay types of blades and these are related to the desired air circulation and the overall decor of the room. Cieling fans can have really fat blades, long and skinny blades or anything in between. The fans also can be made to match almost any decor with whites and earth tomes being the most popular. Moreover, the angle of the blades creates a different type of air circulation when they are spinning. This means that the fans blades can be tilted to provide the desired affect.

Many people choose to have the fan finished with a unique color or a particular texture to match the decor. The fans can be textured so that they are rough and and appear course. Other people want the fan finish to be glossy or shiny. Either way, the fan texture can be set for the room. Moreover there are even gold and silver finishes available. These finishes make sure that the fan is a texture that is both stylish and elegant.

Another item that can be customized is the fixtures on the bottom of the fan. The bottom of the fan can have additional fixtures to make the fan a dual purpose item. Many people prefer to have a single light, or a set of lights on the bottom of the fan. A single light can be used to light a particular table or area of the room while multiple lights can provide a chandelier affect. Other people prefer the fan with no light of the bottom ond want to have it plain. Another popular style includes having ornamentation on the fan bottom.

A final area that people like to have cusotmized is the motor size or the remote control features. The motor can usually be varied to include the desired size, speed, and quietness. Moreover, the remote conrol can have an abundance of features that can make the fan easier to control or features that are just downright neat.

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