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Ceiling Fan Lights
Ceiling fans definately come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. One item that can help to differentiate ceiling fans or to make a ceiling fan match the decor or light of a room is to add lighting on the bottom of the ceiling fan. This articles is designed to provide an overview of the standard lighting options that are available on most ceiling fans. The lighting types covered are aurora, chandelier, spotlights, and low profile lights.

The Aurora style type is one of the broadest lighting categories. Lighting types in the aurora style are usually characterized as a single light located at the bottom of the cieling fan. The light is usually rather large and often has the capability of producing a lot of light for the room. This light usually is used to provide a general light source. The light can also come in a lot of different styles - it can have a crystal look to it ( a lot like gorham china in appearance). It can also be quite plain or traditional and just appear like a circular light at the base of the fan. Another type of Aurora style is the paneled look. This type of light usually has the appearence of a geometrical shape.

The chandelier type of lighing is very different than the Aurora style. The chandelier often has either two or four (there could be more) lights that form a set of lights. These lights are each covered with a glass in a flowerlike pattern. These are used to give a somewhat focused light - not as focused as a spotlight. This type of lighting is usually used to provide a focus to a particular part of the room. These lights are also some of the most elegant lights and are usually used in fancy living rooms or dining rooms.

Spotlights, like the chandelier lights, come in sets of two or four (some times more). The spotlights are similiar in their brightness and focus to desk lights and are used in a similiar way. The spotlights are often used to provide focued light to a very particular area of the room. They can be used to highlight a table, a centerpiece on the table, a hutch, or even a particularly elegant piece of furniture. The spotlights are usually cylindrical and can also be used in offices or conference rooms to provide focused lighting.

Low Profile Lights:
The low profile lights are often used outside or in areas where light is needed, but the fan is not designed to be noticed. Low profile lights are often simple, round and provide abundant, low lighting. These lights are usually so simple that they can be used outside easily since there is not a concern that they will become messed up. These lights also do not protrude a long way off of the ceiling fan and tend to blend in with the fan.

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