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Ceiling Fan Control II
There is nothing better than a ceiling fan to keep a room cool when those hot summer months approach. With new technology, ceiling fans have been made even greater. In addition to classic designs, you can now enjoy amazing benefits of owning a fan.

For example, Casablanca, which has been regarded as one of the top ceiling fans for years, has now come up with a new type of fan that has taken the industry by storm. The new computerized fan is the first of its kind in the industry, providing the ability to change the level of lighting, the speed of the fan, the direction of the fan, and even home security with the simple touch of a remote control. This particular fan is not only innovative but also made from top craftsmanship and materials.

Another option is the Intela Touch, which is a new, sophisticated control system designed with six fan speeds and both forward and backward direction. For creating ambience, this fan has a dimming option and other features such as the programmable and trademarked Safe Exit, Fan-Minder, and Home Safe. These features help to maintain a specific level of comfort while also saving energy. If you want to turn the lights off, the control can be used for complete convenience.

Versa Touch is another excellent option that has a sophisticated and sleek design. This particular fan can be operated using the wall switch or a hand remote control, comes with three fan speeds, both forward, and reverse directions, as well as dimmer option with memory. Best of all, just one Versa Touch remote can control more than one ceiling fan.

Advan Touch can be mounted on the wall or used as a handheld remote control. This control features a large, easy to read LCD display and includes programmable features for the fan and light. With the Safe Exit lighting feature, the light will remain on for 20 seconds, allowing you to exit a room or your home with security. Another feature is called Home Safe, which turns the lights on in a random order so outsiders think someone is at home.

When you purchase a Casablanca fan, you will discover that there are a number of excellent light and fan controls available. These controls are compatible with almost all of the three-speed fans and are designed with the same classy style as the fans themselves.

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