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Selecting a Ceiling Fan
For those hot, humid days of summer, there is nothing more wonderful than a cool breeze. A ceiling fan produces such a breeze anytime of day or night, keeping the air circulated and the room cool. If you are thinking about having a ceiling fan installed in your home, the one brand that is top of the line is a Hunter fan. You will need to consider several things such as:
  • Size of the room so you choose a fan of the right size
  • Height of the ceiling
  • Light fixture or not
  • Flush or hanging mount
  • Style
  • Finish
  • Reversible speed
Ceiling fans are designed in sizes from 36 to 60 inches. To determine the right size of fan for the room where it will be placed, you would obviously use the smaller size for a small room. For instance, if you have a sewing room, babys room, or small office measuring 10 x 10 feet, the small fan would be perfect. For a medium, to medium-large bedroom, office, or den, the 42-inch fan is great and for large rooms, the 52 to 60-inch makes the best choice.

With ceiling fans, you can choose to have the fan mounted flush to the ceiling or hung down from a pole. With Hunter ceiling fans, they offer a registered option called Installers Choice 3-Position Mounting System, which is available on the newer models. This system allows a flush-to-ceiling mounting so there is extra clearance, a standard type of hanging using a downrod, or for vaulted ceilings, an angled mounting. The last option can accommodate pitches as great as 34 degrees.

Hunter also understands that there are times when additional clearance is needed. It might be that the room has a very low ceiling height or that you are very tall. In either case, the registered Low Profile fan is perfect. This particular design hugs closely to the ceiling to make sure there is maximum clearance without giving up any air movement.

Additionally, for those extra high ceilings, there are extension downrods, which work best with blades from seven to eight feet. If you have a ceiling that measures nine feet or more, the extension downrod will help position the fan so it is at the appropriate height to the floor. As an example, if you have a 12-foot ceiling, the extension downroad would need to be three-foot. This would position the fan to eight feet from the floor and allow one-foot for the fan itself for a total of 12 feet.

Choosing to have a light fixture on the ceiling fan is based on personal preference. The majority of Hunter fans do come with light fixture kits that are beautiful. These kits are designed in a number of ways, with two of the most popular listed below:

Modular Quick Connect Switch Housing This kit is extremely easy to assemble

Easy Lock This option is trademarked, working perfectly with shades or glass globes. With this kit, all you do is twist the glass shade or globe and the system locks into place, meaning no more screwdrivers. In addition to the ease of connection, you will also enjoy the convenience for cleaning.

Hunter also offers a great selection of finishes that will resist scratches and tarnish while maintaining a rich look. The metallic finishes that Hunter offers are very hot on the market. To achieve this elegant look, the blades undergo a complex process that includes grinding and buffing.

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