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Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting
Ceiling fans are a staple in most homes across the country for three reasons. First, they look great, second, they provide cooler air in the summer and warmer air in the winter, and third, they help lower the cost of energy bills. However, on occasion, a ceiling fan, regardless of quality will start acting up. The information provided below covers some of the most common problems and ways to correct the problem.

Wobbling Fan

As soon as you notice your ceiling fan starting to wobble, you need to fix the problem since not fixing it can actually cause serious problems.

Warped Blades - You want to make sure the blades are flat and not warped so they glide through the air smoothly and evenly. Start by making sure the screws holding the blades in place are securely fastened and if not, tighten them. Another possibility is that there could be a loose connection between the fan body and downrod. Finally, it is possible that the ceiling fan mount has loosened. In all cases, tighten things up and the problem should be fixed.

Pitch - If you notice that one of the fan blades is out of plane - that could be the problem also. The way to check this is by using a measuring stick and holding it with one end on the ceiling. Then, measure each blade to see if they are all lining up correctly. If not, you can usually bend the blade very gently to correct the distance problem. Just be careful that you do not bend too hard and break the blade.

Out of Weight Sometimes, blades can go out of weight, which would cause it to wobble. The only way to determine the exact weight is to remove each of the blades and weigh them. However, if you are only interested in getting them balanced, then you can skip this part. To fix the fan, set the fan to blow so the air is going down (counterclockwise). Put adhesive weights on the blades, which can be purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store. Try moving the weights around and on different blades until you find the one that is out of balance.

The problems with ceiling fans are generally minor and very easy to fix, as you can see. Therefore, if you have concerns about ceiling fans being high maintenance, you can be assured that they are not. Typically, once the fan is up, you will enjoy a wonderful breeze, problem free.

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