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If you are looking to create a nice, cool breeze in your home by using a ceiling fan, do not feel overwhelmed with the installation process since it is not difficult to do. In fact, by following these simple guidelines, you will have a new fan installed in no time and be enjoying a wonderful breeze as you relax! In addition to feeling refreshed, a ceiling fan will help lower your monthly heating and cooling bills.

If a light fixture is already in the location, where you plan to hang the fan, making the trade is very simple. In this scenario, the circuit switch is already in place so the only thing you might need to do is boost up the weight carrying capacity of the electrical box. Many times, a ceiling fan will come with a remote control that is wireless, allowing you to adjust the speed, direction, and light from any place in the room. To get started, you will need a voltage tester, screwdriver, and cordless drill.

If you are replacing an existing light with a ceiling fan, always start by turning the power off to the fixture from the main breaker box and turn the light on and off to ensure the power is off. The next step is to remove the old fixture and electrical box. Next, you will need to position the brace between the ceiling joists from the attic to ensure the bottom legs are positioned flush to the bottom of the joists.

The next step is to rotate the bar using your hands, forcing the end spikes into the joists. Now make sure all the screws are nice and secure. If you cannot gain access to your attic, you can purchase a brace kit to install from below the attic. For the light, you want to attach the metal fixture box to the brace using a U-bolt and two nuts. Now, run the electrical cable in through the knockout location of the box.

Now you want to remove the fan motor screws, which will be used later for the blade arms. Remove the mounting bracket from the fan canopy and secure the mounting bracket to the ceiling electrical box using the mounting screws and lock washers. The electrical wires will then be pulled through the center portion of the mounting bracket. Take the wire leads, connecting them with wire connectors that should come with the fan and remember that the black wire goes to the black wire, the red wire to the red wire, and the white wire to the white wire. Turn the connectors upwards, pushing them carefully into the electrical box.

For the next step, you will need to remove the three mounting screws from the black bracket that is located between the switch cup and motor. The light kit wires and then inserted through the hole found in the bottom of the switch cup, securing the light kit. Now you want to slide and secure the switch cup to the black bracket, using the three reserved screws. Finally, the light fixture is secured, the light bulb inserted, and the power turned back on.

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