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Hunter Fan Install
Although there are many different brands of fans on the market today, one of the top choices is Hunter. These fans are made from quality parts and materials, and designed by top professionals so that you as the consumer will enjoy the ultimate breeze while lowering your monthly utility bills and enhancing the décor of your home. To get started with installing a Hunter fan, you will need certain tools that include the following:
  • Phillips screwdriver (preferably power)
  • Flat head screwdriver (preferably power)
  • Pliers
  • Ceiling fan
  • Safety glasses
The ceiling fan you purchase will include the blades, arms, fan motor, mounting bracket, screws, nuts, washers, and of course, the fan. Depending on the fan you purchase, it might have a speed ring, which lets you assemble the blades on the floor, and then attach them to the motor once the fan is installed on the ceiling. This option is much easier and convenient.

Before you do anything, always turn the power off at the circuit breaker. Next, you will need to remove the existing light fixture and disconnect the wiring. Now, the electrical box will need to be mounted so it is secure. You want to make sure the box is attached firmly to a metal or wood frame. If you need additionally support, you can purchase special kits.

The next step is to attach the fan canopy to the fan motor housing, simply by screwing the mounting ring into place. For high ceilings, you should use a hanger pole. Now take down the old support bracket from the electrical box. Fasten the new mounting bracket into place and hang the assembled motor unit from the two hooks located on the mounting bracket.

The wires should then be reconnected, always starting with theground wire, which is red. After that, the white wires will need to be attached and the black wires attached. Once done, the wires need to be tucked inside the canopy. The next step is to attach the assembled ring to the motor unit by using the rubber grommets and fastening screws. The cover is then attached over the speed ring, and the decorative cover plate installed.

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