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Light Additions
Many people have ceiling fans that do not have light fixtures and after having it up for a while, they realize they should have purchased the fan with the light fixture. Instead of going out and buying an entire new ceiling fan with a light fixture, you can simply buy a light kit to add to your existing fan.

All you need is to buy the ceiling fan light kit of your choice and get your Phillips and slotted screwdriver ready to use. To add a light fixture, always be sure you turn the electricity off at the breaker box and not just the switch. While you could work on the fan from a ladder, it would be much easier to take the fan down for more convenience.

The first step is to remove all the screws that are holding the center plate into place. This plate is what hangs down below the center portion of the fan. Once you get the plate off, you will be able to see the wiring underneath it. In most cases, ceiling fans without light fixtures have dedicated wires so a fixture can be added easily. You will see a white wire and a black wire. Then on the light fixture that you are about to install, you will see a coordinating white and black wire.

You will see a decorative escutcheon cap that will need to be removed from the bottom of the center plate. The center mount found on the light fixture is designed with threads so it can be placed in lieu of the cap. Once you have removed the cap, you need to feed the light fixtures wires up through the hole in the plate. Now, screw the light fixture onto the center plate, making sure it is attached well. Then, use wire nuts to attach the wires from the light fixture to the wires on the fan assembly. Just make sure you attach the black wire to the black wire and the white to the white.

After the wires are all attached, you will need to reattach the center plate to the body of the fan. Next, replace the screws used to hold the plte into place. Now all you need to do is reinstall the fan to the ceiling, screw in the light bulbs, turn on the power from the breaker box, and enjoy your new ceiling fan with light.

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