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Lighting Options
By changing out the lighting fixture of your ceiling fan, you can make the entire appearance difference. You can take a tired, older model ceiling fan and bring new life to it with a modern light fixture. Changing the light fixture out is not difficult to do and is less expensive than replacing the entire fan. Now you can choose a lighting fixture that blends perfectly with your décor. You will quickly discover a huge selection of choices, ranging in style, color, finish, wattage, size, and price. For example, a white mesh light kit features four separate lights. Although simple, this lighting fixture is charming and will brighten any room.

If you prefer country, shabby chic, or an eclectic style, the white mesh light kit featuring four 60-watt lights. While the standard light is white, you have other choices such as rust, antique and polished brass, marbled cream, black, and pewter. With so many choices, you can dress your ceiling fan up or down by choosing different lights. This particular light fixture has also been constructed to handle damp areas. Another great choice for this style is the natural edge bowl light kit. This light fixture adds style while keeping things simple. The shades are beautifully etched with decorative ribbed glass. This would be a great option for a bedroom where brighter lighting in not required.

If contemporary, high-tech, or clean lines are more to your liking, the galvanized spotted light kit with a four-light feature is perfect. This light network is designed with a cylindrical barrel design and when coupled with your choice of pewter, white, black, rust, and antique brass finish, you will be impressed at how stunning the ceiling fan looks. This is another fan that can handle damp climates and would be ideal for an outdoor paio. The galvanized bullet light kit is another light fixture with clean lines. This fixture is designed with a four light network and bell shape. This ceiling adds class, elegance, and just the right lighting with the four 60-watt bulbs.

The great thing about light fixtures for ceiling fans is that you can change them to blend with any room. Additionally, if you have a ceiling fan in one room where it is no longer used, if you decide to put the fan in your young son's room, simply change out the light kit with a football, racecar, soccer, or baseball light fixture. There are numerous possibilities, limited only by your imagine.

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