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Ceiling Fans That Shake
Do you have a ceiling fan that you love - one that keeps you cool in the hot summer months but it shakes? This problem is common no matter the age or style of ceiling fan. Instead of letting the fan keep shaking only to drive you crazy, realize that a number of things could be causing the problem, each with a solution.

One of the first things you will want to do is check the blades to ensure they are not loose. Typically, the connection between the body of the fan and rod will come loose, which is one culprit. If you notice any loose areas, tighten them but if everything is tight, then you want to check the ceiling mount. Again, this can come loose, which would be another potential problem.

Next, if your ceiling fan has four blades, position the blades so that when you step back several feet, one is pointing directly at you. Then, look at the blade that is located directly across from that blade to see if they line up in a parallel line. Now, you want to rotate to the next blade, again looking across checking the blade on the other side. If you notice the blades not lining up, chances are one of the blades is bent, which can usually be seen easily.

Typically, ceiling fans are designed with blade arms that have material similar to pewter. This material can break easily if bent too far in one direction or another. When re-bending the blade back into the proper position, be extra careful not to break this piece. After bending the blade back, you want to make sure they are all balanced, which can be done with weights purchased in a fan balancing kit. Now, if your ceiling fan has five blades, not four, then determining if a blade is out of place is a little more difficult but it can be done by checking each one individually.

For the balancing kits, you can generally find these at hardware or home improvement stores. Each comes with several weights and a clip. To balance the fan, place the clip about halfway up one of the blades, preferably the blade you think is out of balance. Then, turn the ceiling fan on slow, seeing if the clip placement made the wobble better or worse. The goal is to continue adjusting the clip on the blade until it is even. Then, place a weight, which weighs the same as the clip, onto the same location (these secure with a sticky back).

If the one weight fixed the problem, great but if not, you can move around to each blade, going through the same process. Just be sure you check the clip placement on low, medium, and high speeds so you have a true balance.

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