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Ceiling Fan Wobbling
Do you have a ceiling fan that wobbles every time you turn it on? This is a common occurrence that can easily be fixed without having to call in a specialist. One potential problem is that your ceiling fan has loose screws. Considering that all ceiling fans have from 25 to 35 screws, it would be easy for some to become loose. Start by tightening all of the screws used to hold the blade to the blade iron. If that does not work, try securing the down rod to the fan motor. Next, tighten the screws used to secure the down rod to the mounting ball, the screws for the mounting bracket, and finally, the screws that secure the ceiling box to the ceiling. This should resolve the problem but if the wobbling continues, try tightening all the other screws.

Another possibility has to do with the blade sets. Ceiling fans have matched sets of blades, each with only a one-gram difference. It is possible that when the fan was installed, the blades were intermixed. In fact, this problem happens all the time, especially if you are installing several fans in the same room or even the same house. If you believe this is the cause for your wobbling ceiling fan, remove the blades and use a gram scale to weigh each blade. Then divide them into sets so you have alternating weight, thus creating smooth movement.

If the two options mentioned did not work, you can try balancing your ceiling fan. The first option would be to number each of your blades and then remove two blades from the motor of the fan. Switch the location of these two blades and see if the wobbling problem is fixed. If the wobbling continues, replace the first two blades and then remove the second two blades and switch those two. If this still does not fix the wobbling problem, you can try a different balancing option.

The next balancing method consists of taking a lead weight or a nickel and securing it with tape on top of one of the blades close to the tip. You would then tape another about halfway between the motor and the tip of the blade. Turn your ceiling fan on high speed and determine if the wobble is better or worse. If you see no improvement, take the weight off the blade and move it to the very end of the blade, again checking the fan when on high speed. If you still see no improvement, try adding more weight or moving the weight closer to the motor. When you finally get the weight positioned so the wobbling problem is gone, secure the weight permanently with glue.

Another problem that people deal with is the blades starting to warp. For this problem, you should remove all the blades and then stack them on top of one another, looking for any gaps. The blade or blades not lying flat is the one warped. The best solution is to visit your local home improvement store for blade replacements but be sure to take one of your blades with you so a perfect match can be made.

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