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Casablanca Ceiling Fans
Casablanca ceiling fans have been the ceiling fan of choice for many years. This type of fan is perfect for providing energy efficiency all year long and can lower your summer cooling bills by as much as 40%. During the winter, the Casablanca fan can move the air around the room while saving you up to 10%. For family rooms, hearth rooms, or any other room with a high pitched or vaulted ceiling, this is the perfect solution for moving air.

When it comes to unique design, expert engineering, and manufacturing, Casablanca stands ahead of its competition. Backed by a long-term commitment of excellence and superior product and support, you cannot go wrong buying a Casablanca fan. The detailing is meticulous, from the design of the blades down to the hassle-free installation. This high rated performance is what established Casablanca's reputation. When it comes to making an investment in a ceiling fan, be sure you do not overlook Casablanca.

These fans can be operated in a counter clockwise direction during the summer as a way of creating a nice, gentle wind. Although the room temperature is not really changing, you will feel 8 to 10 degrees cooler. For those cold, winter months, the blades should operate in a clockwise direction, helping to push the warm air from the ceiling down into the room. In this case, the room could have a warmer temperature since you are adding warm air to the room.

The Casablanca fan is easy and quick to install, allowing you to use both hands to complete the installation process. All electronics are durable and reliable and the motor is protected with a special protective varnish that helps protect the motor from the damage caused by humidity or nicks and scratches. The rotor of the Casablanca is dynamically balanced to ensure there is no wobbling. Additionally, the Casablanca is designed with a special flywheel that keeps the fan's operation quiet and smooth. To give you a couple examples of what Casablanca fans are all about, consider the following:
  • Casablanca XLP-2000 - Designed, engineered, and manufactured fan motor that delivers top quality performance. This particular series of motors uses raw materials and good quality insulation. The result is the fan runs cooler and lasts longer.

  • Casablanca Direct Drive Motors - These very motors have led the way in design, engineering, and material quality evolution. Only the best copper and steel are used to ensure there is a perfect balance between all parts of the fan.
The Casablanca Fan is comparably priced to that of other fans in the same caliber. Additionally, these fans come with outstanding warranties and support that is hard to beat. When you install a Casablanca fan in your home or office, you can sit back and enjoy without worrying if your fan will work.

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