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Hunter Ceiling Fans
Hunter is one of the most well respected names in the ceiling fan business. The company has been in business since 1886 - definately one of the oldest companies in the ceiling fan business. The company was started by a father son team that began to design unique products, one of which was the first celing fan that was powered by water. The company quickly came out with an electric model to change with the times.

Hunter ceiling fans gradually evolved as the years went by from the initial model to a product line that contained many different styles. The company became well know for their brand of quality ceiling fans and came out with models to fit the latest styles and images of household decor. The company also grew as the times went by and expanded into a wide range of products, growing some product lines, and didcontinuing others.

Today hunter ceiling fans are know for their energy efficiency and quality design. The company's energy efficient models as some of the most efficient models available and many have been able to earn special energy efficiency awards and designations. Moreover, hunter has also come up with a lot of uniwue and attractive ceiling fan designs for Hunter's customers. One of these designs looks a lot like a plane and the propeller actually is the fan and blows air horizontally across the room.

Hunter Ceiling fans are some of the most popular models available. To purchase a hunter ceiling fan, you shoul attempt to locate one of hunter's distributers. Hunter does not sell directly to consumers. You can reach hunter at Hunter.

Hunter also has a wide variety of models to match standard decor for a house or office. The hunter styles are typically sold by blade size and by style. Many of the models, like other fans, come in earth tones. There are also bare bones models for the office. Hunter ceiling fans also come with a lot of features and white models are also available to match other types of decor. Cleary hunter ceiling fans are worth a look.

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