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Ceiling Fans for Hot Days
Ceiling fans have been used for years as a means of cooling off on hot summer days. Today, the popularity has exploded with all the new styles, colors, and designs available. Instead of ceiling fans being considered a nostalgic appliance, they are not considered a very important part of a rooms décor. Another great benefit of ceiling fans is that they can help cut back on energy bills in the summer and wintertime.

If you are tired of sitting around during the hot months, now is the time to install a ceiling fan. Just remember that for a ceiling fan to work efficiently and save you money, you need to be willing to turn the air conditioning up. Since a ceiling fan can cool a room up to eight degrees, you can see why you can move the thermostat. By adding ceiling fans in more than one room, you benefit even more. Just imagine moving your thermostat up to 80 degrees and enjoying a room that is 74 degrees!

Another important thing to remember is that a ceiling fan is designed to produce a downdraft when positioned for summer use. What happens is that this draft pushes air out one to two feet wider than the blades path so when you install your ceiling fan in the center of a room, the path of the air reaches the floor, moves out toward the walls, and then naturally moves upward where it is again circulated to create a nice, cool breeze.

When buying a ceiling fan, be sure the room has ceilings that are a minimum of eight-feet tall. You also want to purchase the right size blade for the room. This will ensure you get adequate cooling, the right look for the room, and the highest level of efficiency. Fans are designed with four or five blades that range in size from 29 to 62 inches. The most common sizes are 42 and 52-inch but you want to choose the size that is right for your home. If you have a small room, then a 29 or 32-inch fan would work best while a large room would require larger blades.

Once you get your fan installed, you will enjoy a cool room no matter how hot it is outdoors. To take full advantage of a celing fan, buy one that has a reversible option. This way, when the hot months of summer are over, you can reverse the flow of the air to help warm the room during the winter. By making this choice, you can enjoy saving energy all year round.

Other things to consider when buying a ceiling fan are the CFM, which is cubic feet of air moved per minute, the wattage, size, construction and material quality, type of mounting, safety standard, cost, remote control, dimmer, service, and warranty. With just a little bit of maintenance, you will be able to have a cool home for years.

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