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Patio (Outdoor) Ceiling Fans
How many different types of ceiling fans are there you might ask? Well - a lot of them. There are large fans for a big dining room or ball room and fans for a small casual restaurant. In fact ceiling fans come in a seemingly limitless array of shapes, sizes, and colors. However, this article will focus on one specific category of ceiling fan - outdoor ceiling fans (also called patio ceiling fans). This article will provide a general overview of patio ceiling fans and will explain how and where these types of ceiling fans area used.

Patio or outdoor ceiling fans are often found where their name suggests: on a patio or porch area. In general patio ceiling fans are used in areas that can be exposed to the elements for at least part of the year. These types of ceiling fans are usually set up in areas that do not get complete heating and cooling from a house or dwelling. They are also often exposed to extreme humidity or changes in temperature. Some of these ceiling fans are even made to endure certain amounts of rain.

The main difference between the patio ceiling fans and indoor ceiling fans is that patio ceiling fans are usually made of materials such as plastics or resin that can withstand humidity or moisture. They also can be made of woods that do not rot easily or have been treated with a special type of outside coating. Many of these ceiling fans are made of metal, but come with a rubber or plastic covering to keep them lasting a long time.

Most people use one or two ceiling fans for a patio or porch area. The fans can make a porch a great place to be on the tail end of a summer evening. The ceiling fans can circulate the air from the outside to prevent the stagnant air that is inside from remaining. Moreover, ceiling fans can also provide a breeze in case the porch is several degrees warmer that the temperature in the rest of the house.

If you are considering buying a ceiling fan for this type of application, you should be sure to check the ratings for each type of ceiling fan at the same time that you are checking to make sure it matches the decor and style of your patio. Be sure to the check the water ratings and if you are in a humid area, make sure it is set up to survide the humidity. Always make sure taht the suface of the fan has been treated to protect key operational parts from wear and tear.

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