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Ceiling Fans for Babies
Ceiling fans are also great for mom and dad with a new baby in the house. Ceiling fans have been known to help babies sleep like no other method. Parents have struggled for years to try to get their babies to take a nap and sleep through the night. The fan is not a complete cure for sleepless babies, but it sure does help the baby to relax at bedtime. A ceiling fan does act as a proven aid to help the baby to fall asleep, naturally. This is especially nice for mom and dad who have not been getting much sleep at night. Consequently, when a family is rested it is much more enjoyable to be around each other and to handle the days activities. Because the ceiling fan is mounted on the ceiling the baby can see the fan when lying on its back in a comfortable position. This is important because the safest position for a baby to sleep is on his or her back.

The circular motion of the fan has been known to over stimulate the baby and help in the sleep process. The motion of the fan is continual and repetitive. Because the fan blades spin so fast the baby cannot keep up with the motion of the fan with his or her eyes, this will cause them to become tired and fall asleep faster. You can also adjust the speeds of the blades to fit your specific needs. Some babies may fall asleep to either a fast or slow speed. Because the motion of the fan is circular the baby will not have to move his or her head in order to watch the motion of the fan. This will be good because the baby will noty be moving around but he or she will stay still and be able to fall asleep faster. A ceiling fan is also a very safe alternative to a floor fan. The floor fan can be a hazard for small children because their fingers can get caugh tin the blades while they are rotating. The ceiling fan is up high and out of the reach.of chidren to avoid any unfortunate mishaps like fingers getting caught in the blades of a fan.

The fluid and repetitive sound of the fan is soothing to a new baby who has a hard time sleeping and can really provide a comforting steady beat (similiar to a mothers heart beat ) during the nights.The soothing sound of a fan is also a benefit, not only for babies, but also for mom and dad who may be having difficulty sleeping at nights. The sound of the fan can drain out much of the background noise that can also startle a baby out of sleep. Background noise is very common in many neighborhoods and in many of our households. The constant soothing sound of the fan is a great defense and barrier to many of the startling everyday sounds that just seem to happen.

Ceiling fans can also come with lights on them and babies love to look at lights above their heads. The fan will also keep fresh air circulating in the room which will also be beneficial for a new baby. Instead of having to leave the house and take ride in the car or use a medicinal sleep aid to help your baby fall asleep try a ceiling fan and provide not only comfort for you and your baby but add a new look to an old room. Ceiling fans are neat to look at and can also serve may useful purposes. There is probably no appliance in your home that will be as valuable as the ceiling fan. Fans can help cool a warm room and warm a cold room to make life more enjoyable. It is a wonder that a ceiling fan can have this much impact on a room or in a family, but they do and you will not be dissapointed with the purchase of a new ceiling fan in the years to come. Imagine yourself sitting in a room on a hot day with a new ceiling fan and feeling the cool air blow against your face. Likewise in the winter months feeling the warm air take away the chill of a wintery day.

The sound that the fan generates is fluid and repetitive. One of the benefits of a fan is that it can eliminate background noise that so often can startle and wake a baby up. The low,humming noise that the ceiling fan makes is soothing and allows the baby to sleep more peacefully.

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