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Commercial Ceiling Fans
To ensure your office is nice and cool, you can purchase a commercial fan that is designed with an ultra quiet motor and top efficiency. Most commercial fans are designed to be cost effective, come in a number of sizes from domestic fans to large HVAC units, and come in all types of styles such as tubeaxial, mixed flow, vaneaxial, and centrifugal. Following are some of the top options for you to consider:
  • MAJAX-1 and MAJAX-2 These are axial flow fans that are designed with adjustable die cast aluminum aerofoil bladed impellers and you will have the choice of a belt or direct driven unit. These fans are perfect up to 300 degrees Celsius, operating for four hours at a time.

  • MAJAX Bifurcated This particular fan is designed to manage fumes and air up to temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius. Generally, this fan is used for industrial purposes.

  • BELLAX This is a plate-mounted fan that is designed with manual adjustable pitch and has aluminum bladed impellers.

  • UV Mixed Flow This roof extract unit has a sleek, low-profile design. The UV mixed flow roof extract units are a low profile design of attractive appearance, using corrosive resistant materials and incorporating an exclusive mixed flow impeller designed for high efficiency operation.
HVJ-2 and HVJ-2S, high volume, vertical jet roof extract fans, generally used for industrial ventilation applications.

BCC and BCC-2, backward curved bladed centrifugal fans, available as single or double inlet units in a number of arrangements.

LFC forward curved bladed centrifugal fans, available as single or double inlet units in a number of arrangements.

Sound attenuators comprising Series SILAX and SILAX-P cylindrical attenuators and Series RAS and PGL rectangular sound attenuators, used primarily to dampen air borne noise in airconditioning and ventilation systems.

Series AL1 and AL2 acoustic louvers, used primarily in compressor or plant room applications.

Applications include:
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Refrigeration
  • Air handling units
  • Cooling towers
  • Industrial processes
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Metallurgical
  • Locomotive applications

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