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Cooling Fans
For cooling fans, you want the best. These fans are a large investment so your money needs to be paying for quality, peak performance, efficiency, and a guarantee. One of the top manufacturers is Howden. This company has been making fans for years to be used in applications from air-cooled heat exchangers, air cooled condensers, and power station cooling towers.

To give you an idea of the type of cooling fans that Howden offers, consider the following options:
  • E Range This cooling fan is designed with individual blades, has a special bolt design so the fans can be assembly and disassembled easily right there at the site, and features versions that are low noise, if wanted.

  • SX Range If low noise is your number one priority, this fan is it. This extremely low-noise cooling fan comes with an advanced design. For this particular fan, the sound output is 15dBA, which is lower than other designs made and sold by Howden. This low noise option helps keep the noise within regulations while producing excellent cooling levels.

  • FP Range The design of this cooling fan has a fixed pitch, and is an assembled cooling fan that would be used in cooling towers, air coolers, and air-cooled condensers. You have your choice with this fan of the standard or super low noise blades.

  • Z Range This Howden cooling fan is designed specifically to operation at peak efficiency, for the use in air-cooled stream condensers and field erected cooling towers.

  • K Range The main application that this cooling fan was designed for is air-cooled heat exchangers and packaged type cooling towers. With this particular series, you will find outstanding aerodynamic performance based on Howdens innovative features.
Excluding the K series of Howden cooling fans, which has aluminum blades, all of the other cooling fans are constructed with fiberglass that is reinforced with polyester. Additionally, the fans are supplied with diameters that range from 0.71 to 20 meters.

Therefore, if you are looking at various options for commercial cooling fans, you should look at all the series that Howden offers. In addition to quality and performance, you will enjoy the affordable prices of these cooling fans.

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