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Decorative Ceiling Fans
The old design of ceiling fans is long gone. Many years ago, a ceiling fan was purchased with the wood blades and used as a means of cooling a room. While ceiling fans still help to cool and heat rooms, as well as work as the primary light fixture, they are also attractive. In fact, the ceiling fans sold today come in so many different designs and styles that there are a number to choose from no matter what your décor. Here are just a few of the new and exciting designs available today:
  • Kitty Hawke For the young boy who loves airplanes, this particular ceiling fan is designed as a biplane with blades that look like wings. The glass is shaped like a propeller, completing the look. This ceiling fan features a very powerful motor that is mounted on the inside of the motor housing so it is virtually unseen.

  • Raphael Tiffany If you have a room in your home such as an office, dining room, or parlor, and want to enjoy the benefits of a ceiling fan but want something rich and elegant, this ceiling fan would be ideal. Made with gorgeous Tiffany glass, this is truly a sophisticated look.

  • Euro For the young teenager that wants color or a family room that needs a little sprucing up, this fan is brightly colored and has a distinctive uplight and downlight globes. You will enjoy the pop of color as well as the cool breeze and energy savings benefits.
These are just a few samples of the hundreds of designs available. If you have someone in the house who is involved with baseball, soccer, ballet, football, or any other number of activities, you will find special ceiling fans designed to coordinate with their room.

Perhaps you have recently redecorated the master bedroom to reflect an Asian, Moroccan, or Shabby Chic influence and want a ceiling fan for the breeze but one with a light fixture that will match the rooms décor perfect. No problem in fact, you will find several different options that would be perfect.

Choosing a ceiling fan is a lot of fun and when you start seeing the savings on your utility bill and enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters, you will be thrilled that you made the investment.

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