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Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fans
The Hunter Fantasy Flyer ceiling fan has a nice, low profile of just 44 inches. With the design of this fan, your child will love the thrill of having his own WWII flyer hanging from the ceiling. This fan is a replica of a Corsair F4U fighter plane nose cone. To make the ceiling fan even more authentic, it has wonderfully appliquéd wings and cockpit.

The fan is designed with three blades, each specially designed to look like a plane propeller. With the low profile construction, the fan will mount easily and look great. The only drawback of this particular design is that it does not come adaptable for a light fixture. However, it does come with blue wheels, wings, and other appliqués to make it look realistic. Your child will absolutely love his ceiling fan and with a couple of table lamps in the same motif, there will be plenty of light.

The special appliqués can easily be applied to any surface, whether rough or smooth. Additionally, the motor for this fan is very quiet, is designed as a three-speed reversible, which means it will be beneficial during the winter as well as summer, and runs effectively. The combination of peak air movement, lack of noise, and the lifetime warranty, it would be hard to bypass the Hunter Fantasy Flyer ceiling fan.

The 48-inch blades are a nice size for any room. If you do not have a child, the Hunter Fantasy Flyer ceiling fan would also look perfect in a family room with an airplane décor, or an office. With this fan, it can be mounted flush or wall mounted whichever you prefer. Best of all, this ceiling fan is affordable and designed for peak performance. You will receive an excellent guarantee to ensure your fan operates for years, giving you a cool room with a unique look.

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