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Pedestal Ceiling Fans
Pedestal fans are the perfect solution for home or work. Because they stand on the floor, positions on pedestals, they are easy to move and position for the best cooling air. The nice things about a pedestal fan are that they come in so many different styles, sizes, and colors and they do the job.

For example, the Schaefer Company makes top of the line ventilation equipment regardless of the room size. The heavy duty 24 and 30-inch pedestal fans offer both oscillating and non-oscillating models, they are durable, powder-coated, meet OSHA standards for fan guards, and can be sold with an optional wheel kit and round pedestal base. This type of pedestal fan is designed with a 24-inch fan, 1/4 horsepower, 5100/3920 CFM, and runs for around $225. You can also purchase a 30-inch fan that has 1/2 horsepower, and 9350/8125 CFM for around $265.

The Oscillating Way Cool is another fan offered by Schaefer that is portable and designed to reduce air temperature. Other options for this fan include ducting, a designated hazardous location model, automatic shut-off kit, 220-volt model, manual fill, and special cleaning products. This fan stands 52 inches tall, oscillates, features 24-gallon reservoir for cooling, 1 horsepower, and 40 mph force that runs just over $2,000.

The high-pressure misting fan is a huge hit. This fan is totally enclosed and offers a maintenance-free motor. The fan is durable, powder-coated, and approved by OSHA. The pedestal design is rugged and adjustable, making it an excellent option. The three-way stainless steel nozzle with misting heat produces an almost tropical feel that is heavenly on a hot, humid day. This 24-inch pedestal fan averages in cost around $1,325.

Other great options include a 24, 30, and 36-inch fan. You will enjoy two speeds, a pull chain for easy operation, maintenance free, heavy-duty ball bearings, and a 10-foot, 115-volt ground cord that comes standard. The 24-inch averages $150, the 30-inch $190, and the 36-inch $265.

These are just a few of the pedestal fans that you can choose from to keep you cool. The nice thing about pedestal fans is that since they stand up over you, creating a natural feeling breeze that is hard to beat!

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