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Water Ceiling Fan
Most people are not aware that ceiling fans have a rating for water or moisture. For people living in climates that have humidity, excessive rain, or snow, a special fan needs to be purchased. If the fan is not rated for water, the wood can warp and the fan may not operate correctly. For example, a Wet Rated ceiling fan is specifically designed for fans that might come into direct contact with water or moisture. A Damp Rated ceiling fan is for areas that have high levels of humidity and condensation.

When you get ready to buy a ceiling fan, if your area falls in one of the above ratings, be sure you use the right fan. For example, if you live by the ocean, a spa, or a swimming pool, you will have more humidity over someone that lives in a dry climate. Additionally, many of the water rated ceiling fans are designed for a tropical décor or an outdoor elegance. A perfect example is the Maui Bay, which is a ceiling fan that has blades designed to enhance the tropical setting. You can also choose the color for your motor housing. This particular fan has options in polished brass, pewter, antique brass, weathered bronze, appliance white, and summer white. With these unique blades, the air is moved gently and distributed at a slower rate.

Another great choice for damp areas is the Magellan Fan. This fan has a nautical theme that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The UL is listed for areas that can become wet, giving you additional confidence in the fan's safety. You will enjoy a halogen light kit as well as a wall system. This fan has 60-inch blades, a 100-watt halogen light, and is UL listed specifically for wet areas. The Islander is also a great choice for damp areas, offering a nice exotic feel. This fan rotates at speeds that are slower, which means the air moves more gradually.

If you need a ceiling fan for a patio, you want to look for fans that are designed specifically for those areas. These types of fans have been designed to handle the different elements and do not use heat or cooling from the interior of the home. Many times a patio fan will be exposed to high levels of humidity and dampnes and some can actually handle direct rain.

The main difference of a patio ceiling fan and one that would be installed indoors, the outside patio fan is made from materials that can handle the moisture. Additionally, these fans can be constructed of certain types of woods that do not warp. Most of these fans are treated with a special coating and have metal in place of rubber or plastic to ensure they can withstand the harsh climate. Therefore, if you want a ceiling fan but have concerns that you cannot put one on your patio or in areas where there is a lot of humidity of moisture; rest assured that you could with complete success and style.

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