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Ceiling Fans - Energy Efficient Lighting
Having a ceiling fan in your home serves a number of purposes. For one, during hot summer months, a ceiling fan can help cool the air and reduce energy costs. During the wintertime, the blade rotation can be reversed, helping to push warm air from the ceiling down into the room, thus lowering your energy bill. Finally, ceiling fans provide aesthetics and can actually enhance a rooms décor.

It is estimated by the Department of Energy that the use of lighting in the home accounts up to 10% of electric bills. With ceiling fans, you will find many complements that will allow you to enjoy the benefits a fan provides while cutting down on the cost of cooling or heating your home. First, when you shop for a ceiling fan, always consider the type of light bulb used. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is.

By changing the bulb type and choosing a dimmer or timer feature for your fan, you can reduce the amount of time and intensity of the light. For example, rather than leave the ceiling fan light on all the time at full light, with a dimmer, you can lower the amount of wattage or you can set the timer so the light stays on when you want it on and no more. Be sure you choose light bulbs lower in wattage and if possible, go with a fluorescent light instead of incandescent. You will save on energy by a lower wattage but also because a fluorescent light does not heat up as hot.

With an incandescent light, while these are the least expensive option, they cost the most to operate. Additionally, incandescent bulbs do not last as long as other options. Also called an A-type bulb, they are not a very efficient option. A hybrid of this type of light bulb is called a Tungsten Halogen. While this bulb is more efficient than the standard incandescent bulb, it is still costly to operate.

On the other hand, a fluorescent light bulb is 30$ to 40% more efficient than the incandescent option. Additionally, this type of bulb can last up to 10 times longer. A fluorescent bulb is excellent forevery day lighting needs but especially valuable in fixtures that will be used often or for extended lengths of time.

The compact fluorescent light bulb, also known as CFL is the greatest advancement in fluorescent lighting. This option is the perfect combination for efficiency and convenience. The CFL bulb are approximately four times the wattage that you would find with an incandescent bulb, which can save you as much as 75% on your energy bill. The one drawback is that they cost about 10 times the price of other bulb types but in exchange, they last about 10 longer.

Therefore, if you are going to install a ceiling fan in your home, you want to choose fluorescent bulbs, keeping in mind that the CFL type is your best option.

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