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Ceiling Fans - Energy Efficient
Not only do ceiling fans offer a cool breeze in the summertime but also heat in the winter. Best of all, by using a ceiling fan can save you as much as 40% during the summer and up to 10% in the winter on your energy bill. For this reason, buying a ceiling fan is an excellent investment.

Most people who own a ceiling fan will tell you that they would never give it up. Many of the new designs on the market today are created for high performance and top efficiency so that no matter what the season, you will have a great source of climate control and cost savings.

During the hottest time of the summer, the room with a ceiling fan can be lowered by seven or eight degrees. This is possible because the fan creates a wind chill. During the winter, you simply reverse the direction of the blades, and the hot air that is trapped up by the ceiling is pushed down into the room, creating a warmer room. The result with both is that you conserve valuable and expensive energy.

With the high cost of energy today, everyone is looking for ways to cut down on the expenses. To make it worse, predictions are that the cost of energy will only continue to rise. Although a ceiling fan will not completely take over the job of an air conditioner, on those summer nights when the temperatures are humid, you can turn the fan on high and sleep comfortably.

A recent study performed by a utility company located in the state of California calculated that the cost of operating a ceiling fan is just one penny an hour. However, to run your air conditioner, you will pay .43 an hour and .16 an hour for a window unit to cool a room. When you weigh the difference added with the benefits that you will get from having a fan installed, it is easy to see why people love having a ceiling fan.

As you begin comparison-shopping for the right ceiling fan for your home, you need to be sure to look for the Energy Efficient label. Although there are many quality ceiling fans from which to choose, one of the top choices or saving on energy is the Emerson fan. This particular brand is designed for ultimate quality and efficiency.

When you find the Energy Efficiency label, you have a guarantee that the heating and cooling bills will be lower. You are also guaranteed that the fan will operate for maximum comfort. Another aspect of the energy efficient ceiling fan is that because public utilities are being used less, the environment is being helped. Investing in a ceiling fan is always an excellent choice.

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