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Fan Cleaning Brushes
There is nothing better than having a ceiling fan in your home to help cool the room in the summer and push around warm air in the winter. Todays designs feature energy efficient motors that are quiet and many that come with a limited lifetime warranty. By using a ceiling fan, you will save on your monthly utility bill. In fact, if you use your fan often, you can save as much as 40% in the summer and 10% in the winter.

However, although a ceiling fan offers tremendous benefits, there are times when the blades are idle. When that happens, dust settles on the blades. Although you could pull out a stool or chair, get out some dusting spray and paper towels or an old rag, there is a much easier way to get rid of the dust. On the market today are all types of cleaning brushes designed specifically for ceiling fans. In addition to eliminating the dust, they are easy to use! Consider the following:
  • P200 Duster This is an 18-inch duster with a wood handle. The long reach allows you to clean your ceiling fan blades effectively and safely by avoiding the use of a chair or stool. The handle extends to 43 inches and designed with two seven-inch rollers that are full and fluffy. All you do is slide the rollers over the blades and you can clean both sides in one sweep. Instead of getting dust in your eyes, it all stays on the roller. Best of all, you do not have to throw the rollers away since they are washable with mild soap and water.

  • Ostrich Duster Made from real ostrich feathers, this ceiling fan duster has natural electrostatic, which means as soon as the dust touches the feathers it sticks so it does not scatter in the room. Additionally, this duster is handwashable and with its 13-inch wand, you can reach the ceiling fan with ease.

  • Retractable Duster This design does an excellent job in eliminating dust from ceiling fans. The plastic handles are designed to retract so you can reach even the highest ceiling. The electrostatic feature helps reduce static while grabbing hold of the dust. The handle can reach from 7 to 10 inches and the duster itself made from lambs wool.

  • Long Reach Duster The handle on this duster is perfect for pitched ceilings. Extending an amazing 82 inches, it will reach even the highest ceiling fans. The brush grabs dust and cobwebs and can then be hand washed with mild soap and water. Made from polyester fibers, this duster is available in a number of colors and guaranteed to last.

  • Harper Brush 12 inches Paddle Fan Cleaning This unique design is a brush that is in the shape of a doughnut. Two brushes have a slit in the middle so the duster can be slipped down over the blade and cleaned in one, quick swipe. You can find this type of duster at home improvement stores or hardware stores for around $10.

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